The 11 Tools for Transformation –– Listen Now on Soundview

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“Life is not an either/or prospect—you can have it all,” says entrepreneur and author David Howitt.

In This 30-minute Soundview segment, David shares how his life-altering book, Heed Your Call has come at just the right time––a time when we many of us are searching for more meaning and purpose. We recognize we should be living more mindfully and with more authenticity, yet we struggle because we live in a modern time and end up prisoner to societal demands. Too often we live in one sphere––what David Howitt calls The Tyranny of Or.

He says no longer is it enough to simply be a good parent or a successful executive. No longer should we accept being a soulful and centered person or an abundant professional. We need to embrace the Power of And™––Artistry And Analytics, Poetry And Profit, Intuition And Intellect.  Commerce, our communities, and the world require us to be both and living from this place of And is what makes us the heroes of our own lives and businesses.

Tune in here for a recording of the Soundview interview!

Josh BlatterThe 11 Tools for Transformation –– Listen Now on Soundview