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David Headlines the Launch of At&t’s New Biz Circle Platform

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Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect directly with your business and entrepreneurial questions. Learn how to Embrace The Power of And to Optimize Connection with Your Consumer and Authenticate Your Brand

 A connected device in the hands of everyone on earth is not just about mobile technology, it is the midwife of unprecedented growth in entrepreneurial opportunities.

The historic paradigm of being either a technology company “or” a consumer brand is dead. The future requires that we be both––analytical and artistic. The magic happens when the technologist begins to embrace thinking like a brand and when the brand steward embraces the latest and greatest tools of technology. Doing so deepens the brand’s relationship with its consumers.

Furthermore, “Brand” is a relatively new concept in human commerce and it still requires “a promise kept to the end user”. How will the emerging technology and connected services landscape alter or accelerate the end users affinity for brand value?

When you embrace the Power of And™, you connect authentically and deeply. The Power of And™ invites us to integrate the desires of those who buy our products and services into our development process. We start thinking from a place of “why” rather than “what.”

“Why are we developing these products?”

“Why are we compelled to start, grow, and maintain our companies?”

“Why have we chosen to leverage the technology tools we to innovate our products and services?”

“Why would consumers want to buy from us and not our competitors?”

These are all essential questions that brands need to consider during the discovery phrase and throughout product and service expansion. This attention to Why vs. What is one of the key components to brands such as Stumptown Coffee, Dave’s Killer Bread, Pendleton, Voodoo Doughnut, and Oregon Chai being recognizably successful. They stayed true to their “Why”, and in doing so, they maintained integrity, built relationships with partners and consumers, connected authentically with their customer base, and positioned themselves as the authorities in their relative categories.

Apple, notably the most valuable company in the world is a great example of this––they co-create with their consumer and the outcome is form, function and beauty. Apple’s brand promise is that they craft beautiful, sleek, and sexy products that are also functional, robust, and useful; they understand how essential it is to merge technology with human desire. Moreover, Apple’s products are all unmistakably, “Apple”, with shared design characteristics and a through line that bonds their brand promise of beautiful usability.

It would serve technology companies well to consider themselves consumer brands, and visa versa. Simply designing, manufacturing, and delivering products and solutions is not enough. Our consumers are hungry for experiences; they want to feel a part of, and identity with our brands. They want to co-create with the companies they support. Nike exemplifies this by offering a custom ID process for footwear that allows the consumer to be a “designer.” This would not be possible without a robust technology backdrop.

You don’t need to be a technologist or brand guru to understand and embrace the increasingly powerful and accessible tools available to anyone with a connected device to power your product, service or content. Anyone on the planet with connected access can now market a product, service or content offering. 

Technology is one of our greatest tools for building experiences. Essentially, technology is the midwife of entrepreneurship and development of important brands. Through global connectivity, we have direct access to the desires of our consumers. Technology has democratized the playing field and world. A much broader group of people now have access to the tools they need to birth their ideas into businesses. We stand at an un-paralleled place of consumer insights; co-creating by using the tools that effectively marry artistry with analytics, intuition with intelligence, and purpose with process.

Join me during the launch of At&t’s new Biz Circle platform and learn how to integrate the use of technology into consumer profiling and product development. You will learn how to merge transactions and transformation, profits and purpose, and that learning to do so is essential to the building of connections, value, brand integrity and consumer loyalty.

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Josh BlatterDavid Headlines the Launch of At&t’s New Biz Circle Platform