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We are thrilled you have chosen to share Your Journey with us! We know sharing challenges, desires, and even successes can cause vulnerability, and we commend you for opening up. Often, the simple act of sharing what’s most personal to us, helps us see ways we can better navigate our lives, or ways in which we can Heed Our Calls, and transition through difficult times.

We invite you thoughtfully reply to all answers below. If one of the required questions does not apply to you, simply type N/A in the field.

All submissions will be reviewed by our Director of Inspiration and the team. If your story is selected for sharing, it will be posted on our Blog. Please note, we cannot supply any details on when, or if, a story will be selected and published.

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1. What Does Heeding Your Call Mean to you? (required)

2. Are you currently in your Known World––feeling confined to the programs and patterns of your upbringing? Are you feeling stifled in your work, your relationships, or in creativity? Do you feel limited in your ability to achieve your desires? Please explain. (required)

3. If you are now in the Unknown World, meaning you've heeded the call to be, or do more in your life and have broken free of situations that were limiting your fullest potential, please share how that feels and what you are learning. (required)

4. Please share challenges you have faced by leaving professional or personal familiarity for the unknown. (required)

5. If you're in the unknown world, please tell us about your Abyss––the professional and personal challenges, people, or situations you were not prepared to encounter. How have you, or how ARE you dealing with your Abyss? (required)

6. Have any mentors and guides shown up in your journey to support you? If yes, what form have they appeared in? Were they Lessons learned? Were they your own fears coming to the surface to teach or show you something about yourself you needed to learn? Have new friends come into your experience? Please tell us about your mentors and guides and the roles they have played in supporting you on your journey. (required)

7. Tell us about the tools and/or skills you have developed on your journey. Have you learned to forgive yourself and others? Have you learned patience? Have you felt empowered? Have you learned to trust? Please share any examples with us. (required)

8. Have you reached your Defining Moment where your life is feeling in flow? If yes, what does look and feel like to you? If no, what is hindering your ability to move closer to your defining moment? (required)

9. How could you Heed Your Call today? What one thing could you start doing now that you know would alter your life for the better? (required)

10. If you have read Heed Your Call, please tell us how it has made you feel, what you learned, and any of your favorite stories or insights. (required)

11. Please share anything else you wish that we may have missed. (required)

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